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Master Degree Modules in Nanotechnologies for Electronics
Start date: Oct 1, 2010,

The project focuses on closer cooperation in the university sector and transparency of qualifications and recognition methods. It is aimed at common MSc degree level courses development for the new skills needed for the new jobs in the multidisciplinary nanoelectronics and a new job organisation. There are few individual research teams, laboratories or companies that can laim to be able to respond to the technological challenges. To meet these needs in this project three (four with HEIG-VD) European universities will share infrastructure, technological and human resources and recognise the common, based on ECTS, certified modules, to be used in the partners' MSc programmes in nanotechnologies. Each course will be designed by the best laboratory/department in the field which dispose with the necessary infrastructure and facilities for practical work. They will develop e-learning courses and record the practical work in clean rooms in nano/biotechnologies. After a successfully passed test, the students will perform the practice in the partners' laboratories.The learning outcomes will be defined for each course with the corresponding credits after assessment, adopted by all partners. These credits will be transferred to the MSc programme in nanoelectronics at the partner university where the student is enrolled. So the universities will share their infrastructure, technological and human resources, they will recognise the common certified modules but each university will keep his autonomy regarding the national diploma delivery. The implementation of the joint courses will start during the third project year as a part of the regular curricula of the MSc degrees at each university. The added value for the students will be in the highest quality of the specialised courses developed by the best departments in the field, the opportunity to train practical skills and competences in the laboratories with advanced equipment and facilities.

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