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Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

MarocGo: We applied for 4 groups of 6 Dutch youngsters for Marocco. In the grant decision we got the possibility to start with sending 1 group of 6 youngsters. This first group of 6 Dutch youngsters participated in three different local NGO´s in Rabat for three months (march-may 2015). The activities ranged from teaching, child care and working with disabled youngsters. Before their service the participants received 2 trainings of Commundo. In these trainings they received info about EVS, the projects and the culture and had time to know each other better. After the service they had a evaluation meeting with Commundo. They kept a diary and skyped and e-mailed when problems occured. The participants were placed, trained and guided by MCAS, the local partner of Commundo. The participants stayed at a host family in the medina part of Rabat. They met a lot of Moroccan people and became friends with them. Cultural activities were organised by MCAS and by themselves. Ali Benseeba was their personal mentor and helped with social issues, project activities, translations, excursions and evaluation. The on arrival training took place at the end of the service and was given by the national agency. We had the intention that half of the group would be youngsters with fewer possibilities due to a Moroccan background. In spite of a lot of efforts to involve youngsters with a Morroccan background we did not succeed on this point. 4 youngsters applied but withdraw their application. Two youngsters with a lower educational background and one with a physical handicap participated. We used the buddy system (pairs) for personal development and feedback on learning goals. This worked out well. Our intention to share thoughts between Moroccan-Moroccan Dutch youngsters did not secceed. However the Dutch youngsters received a full submergion into the Moroccan culture and this lead to another viewpoint and big appreciation of the country and culture. The programme strengthened the personality and skills of the Dutch participants and dissolves prejudices against Morocco, Moroccans and the Moroccan culture. Unfortunately 1 of the volunteers left the project after 6 weeks due to illness both mentally and physically. From the evaluation of the participants we understood (and observed ourselves) that a big growth on a personal level has taken place such as more self confidence, more selfexpression. Also skills like communication in another language, social skills and even task related skills (for the teachers and the fysiotherapost). Two of the volunteers have allready booked another trip back to Rabat. Others mentioned the intention to go back.
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