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Marketing Initiative of Students for Professional Orientation and Progress
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The general objective of the project The general objective of the project is to develop social entrepreneurship and innovative behavior and education by creating a European marketing platform for WEB students in the role of Marketing Multipliers in order to ensure the promotion of skills, experience and knowledge gained through the educational period , using the social network for the exchange of good practices and personal skills . The project will be implemented through a series of work packages (WP) with specific, provable, achievable, realistic and timely actions. SEPUGS Arseni Jovkov - Skopje will partner - a leader, responsible for the implementation of key activities within each WP. WP 1.0 Project Management WP 2.0 entrepreneurial education and marketing partner countries WP 3.0 Application of knowledge and learning among peers WP 4.0 Dissemination , monitoring and publishing through standard channels of communication Activities in work packages will be held in all partner countries, based on a system of rotation, and will be coordinated by the respective partner host. Costs associated with the implementation of project activities will be covered by the project budget Each partner institution will participate in activities and work packages with 12 students. Expected outputs by the project MISPOP are following: O - Intellectual outputs Guide to modern methods and activities to develop the creativity of students and teachers Teaching material for innovation, business and entrepreneurship Guide - How to prepare a business plan Curriculum for short course in marketing and entrepreneurship Training students for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training for students of marketing and entrepreneurship Training teachers to modernize the teaching process E - Multiplier events Seminar - Topic - Presentation and dissemination of achievement and goals by the project MISPOP C - Learning/Teaching/Training Activities Workshop - Training of student for Innovation , Business and Entrepreneurship Workshop - Training of student for marketing and entrepreneurship Trainig of teachers for modern method and activities for teaching Dissemination activities - Preparation of materials for presentation in front of the relevant authorities and institutions for project achievements - Organization of seminar for dissemination for teachers within of each partner organization for rest of teachers, by side of trained teachers. - Drafting school newsletter for publishing texts for realization and achievement of the project; - Publishing text related to the project within the economic on-line portal; - Publishing catalogue and flyers related to the project; - Creating and Publishing the web - What I can - What I know, WEB portal related to the project; - Publishing text in on of the daily newspapers; - Organization of student tribune for the contributions from the realization of the project within ERASMUS+.
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