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Marketing and govERning innovative industrial areas (MER)

MER project is based on the core value that green marketing and management of industrial areas can be a key factor for attracting investments in the European area. MER is aimed at translating selected results of previous projects into concrete long-term tools for sustainable and responsible economic development. MER aims at establishing a -network of network-� to share experience in the green marketing sector, to identify replicable good practices for sustainable governance of industrial settlements. The general objectives are: - to capitalize results coming out from different cooperation project concerning industrial area management and sustainability, - to build up a European network based on the -learning by interacting-� and -learn from failure-� in order to cherish experiences aiming at finding joint long-term solutions to shared problems, - to develop a -lobbying approach-� able to influence in the long term regional and European public policies, - to replicate on a greater scale and in different territorial contexts good practices of territorial promotion, models and procedural models already developed in previous projects. The main target groups MER is addressed to are policy makers, local public authorities, business associations, development agencies, industrial areas managers, professional operators. The expected tangible results will consist in: study visits, joint technical workshops, guidelines developed as wiki e-book, training activities, local action plan, European road map and MER commitments to be subscribed during the final international conference. The overall aim of MER is to contribute to the improvement of competitiveness and attractiveness in the frame of sustainable growth according to Europe2020 guidance. Achievements: The capitalisation project MER has recently launched a wiki-book, a digital book that can be modified and enriched online The idea from which they started was to create a collaborative working environment allowing involved institutions to capitalise on experiences and spread them through the channels of Web 2.0. This knowledge and best-practise platform will be constantly updated and can grow dynamically, promissing conditions to involve stakeholders, researchers, journalists, companies and local authorities.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Programme MED
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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