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Start date: Aug 18, 2016, End date: Nov 17, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Need of the project. In today's society, the entrepreneurial skills are necessary on a daily basis and in all areas of life: while looking for employment, working, creating a business and making important decisions. Thanks to entrepreneurship, people begin to think in a more productive way, people's attitude to themselves and the surrounding environment changes as well, makes them more ambitious and active, encourages to change themselves and change others.The importance of youth entrepreneurship has particularly increased as the labor market in most European countries cannot offer work for a lot of young people. One of the possible solutions for a young person searching for a job - to create one by himself.Purpose. To promote youth entrepreneurship in solving employment problems, to direct young people to an acquisition of entrepreneurial skills, to strengthen the motivation to work. To allow the young person to explore his potential and find out what it means to start your own business from the idea to its realization.Participants. 15-18 year old young people with fewer opportunities from Lithuania, Finland, Hungary and Latvia. Each group of 10 participants. In total: 40 participants.Methods. Teamwork; lectures; discussions; practical tasks; brainstorming; getting to know each other, team building games; role-playing games; video presentation.Project management. During the communication with partners, the expected role of each partner in the project, the responsibilities, division of tasks are discussed. The mandate is signed between the applicant and the partner.Results. Young people learn about a different culture; improve the overall social and personal competences; learn about entrepreneurship and business development from the idea to its realization; better know themselves and their capabilities; gain courage and confidence in decision-making; learn to creatively present themselves and their ideas; improve communication skills and English language skills; learn to work in a team.Impact. Participants are encouraged to develop realistic ideas that will continue to be developed and implemented in their own countries, to produce products or provide a service and thus create their own business. In this way, the project will have a lasting impact on young people – will create jobs for themselves, will have a source of living; as well for the community - will create more jobs, create added value.Benefit. Young people will learn about other European countries, will learn to appreciate and understand the uniqueness of different countries, improve their English, make friends, acquire entrepreneurial knowledge and practical skills.
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