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Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Jan 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In practice, we often observe that youth workers in Czech Republic and Slovakia work with young people more intuitively, they do not have necessary theoretical basis and skills for high-quality preparation of the educational activities. As a result, their target group (young people) do not realize and cannot interprete results of their learning process. Therefore our main aim is to contibute to the quality increase in the non-formal education in the youth work in the Czech Republic and Slovakia mainly through raising the competences of youth workers. Educational objectives of the long-term training course: - to understand the logic of the educational activity and to apply this knowledge in practice - to independently plan, realize and evaluate non-formal education activities of high-quality, to analyze their development in participants' practice and by that to find out, how it is possible to improve these activities - to understand and apply skills connected to leading activities with a group of participants (group dynamics, presentation, facilitation) - to understand the constructive feedback and its contribution as a tool for self-development and organisation development, to know how to use it in practice - to understand, how to promote and disseminate results of their activities, to become aware of appropriate tools for promotion and to know how to use it for participants' activities - to reinforce motivation of participants to use non-formal education in their activities as a support for competence development of young people Objectives of the networking meeting - to understand the connection between youth policy and the youth work - to discover impact of the long-term training courses on the organisations of participants and to analyze their further needs - what would help to spread the impact on organisations more effectively - to analyze / reflect the quality of educational activities with close connection of the competences of the youth worker as an essential feature of the quality Activities: A1: Feasibility visit - detailed preparation made by the prep team A2: 1st phase of the long-term training course A3: 2nd phase of the long-term training course A4: networking meeting A5: 3rd phase of the long-term training course Participants of the training course will be youth workers, who have at least 2 years of experience in the field. The must have a motivation to inspire and educate themselves, to carry out their activities of high-quality, and they have support from their organisation. Balance of CZ-SK participants is planned - 14 from the Czech Republic and 13 from Slovakia; the final number of participants should be 27. Also, "graduates" of the previous long-term training course for youth workers, which was realised by part of the prep team, will take part at the networking meeting. Results and impact of the project: Considering the long-term training course, we expect s large impact in competence development of the youth workers, which will further influence mainly activities of their organisation, target groups of participants' activities, secondary target groups of the organisations, etc.

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