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Marino College of Further Education
Start date: Oct 10, 2009,

The aim of the workshop meetings is to familiarize both theatrical groups(both Irish and Polish) with the mythology of their co-partners in a few particular aspects. During the workshops there will be an emphasis on the mythological diversity in: life and death, love and hatred, utilitarianism and idealism etc., as they appear in the given mythologies. What makes them different and what makes them similar? On this basis the participants will be trying to prepare a performance. On one hand to show the differences, on the other the similarities in the identity of both nations, from which the participants of the creative groups project origin from. The teams meet on a eight-day workshop organized by the project coordinators in ?agów; during which the participants will:" Get to know each other, integrate;" Get familiar with European mythologies in a cycle of daily lectures/projections prepared by members of the teams from particular countries; " Carry out joint actions under the direction of theatrical artists, invited by the program coordinator;" Give their views on the performance, they try to establish roughly the shape of the final outcome;" Each workshop action will be documented; the material gathered will be presented in the local media (both Polish and Irish) and also on web pages of the ACA "Vaganti" and the Marino College;" Theoretical work (on Celtic and Slavic mythology, and the review of the course of the workshop) will be publicized and published in a form of a brochure (The University of Zielona Góra Publishing House) and also on the Internet, on the web pages of the ACA "Vaganti" and the Marino College.
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