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Mapping Optimisation for Scalable multi-core ARchiTecture (MOSART)
Start date: 01 Jan 2008, End date: 31 Dec 2010 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Description Key InnovationThe widening gap between performance requirements of applications and their related power consumption and what is afforded by technology scaling and architectural techniques clearly focuses the multiprocessor  architectures as the today and future solution for computing and embedded systems. The present day wireless,  multimedia and networking standards requires already several processors in a chip. The challenge going forward is to be able to sustain several applications such agile spectrum radios, future internet connectivity, 3D media and trusted computing, … that are at least several order of magnitude more demanding than the existing standards. Also memory impacts the cost, power and performance of heterogeneous multi-processor architectures. The need for large amount of storage and a high bandwidth access to it comes from two ends. The primary need comes from the applications becoming more multi-functions and data intensive (high resolution, higher bandwidth communication etc.). The secondary need comes from the requirement to hide the latency of accessing slower off chip memory. As such MOSART addresses novel architectures for multi-core computing systems in embedded systems, the project defines and develops the Software/Hardware design environment encompassing a flexible, modular, multi-core, on-chip platform, and associated exploration methods and tools, to allow the scaling and optimisation of various applications in multimedia and wireless communication.Technical approachMOSART addresses two main challenges of the prevailing multiprocessing architectures: the global interconnect and memory bottleneck due to a single, globally shared memory with high access times and power consumption; and the difficulties in programming heterogeneous, Multi-core platforms, in particular, in many cores and in dynamically managing data structures in distributed memory.MOSART aims to overcome these challenges through a multi-core architecture with distributed memory organization, a network-on-chip (NoC) communication backbone, and configurable processing cores that are scaled, optimized, and customized to achieve diverse energy, performance, cost, and size requirements of different classes of applications.MOSART achieves this by providing platform support for managing abstract data structures, including middleware services and a runtime data manager for NoC-based communication infrastructure; and developing tool support for parallelizing and mapping applications on the multi-core target platform and customizing the processing cores for the application.
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