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Managerial Competence Level Assessment, Training Plan and Implementation for SMEs

The project will establish a tool for assessing managerial competence within SMEs. A computer-based, self-assessment tool will be introduced, aimed at potential entrepreneurs and existing SME managers as a means for identifying management strengths and weaknesses. The outcome of such self-assessment will influence the development of a management training plan that is tailored to the specific needs of the individual manager Project partners will be responsible, at different levels, for designing the content of the self-assessment tool and for developing the computer-based tools for its delivery. The self-assessment tool will be piloted with SMEs in each of the partner countries with the outcomes of the pilot being evaluated by experts who will then suggest any improvements before the final version of the tool is launched. Expert trainers will be coached to deliver training to consultants who are envisaged as the main means for disseminating the tool to potential users. The tool will be delivered as a CD-Rom and will be accompanied by an operational handbook. Individual project partners will decide whether they wish to also launch the tool via their own websites. Each project partner will be responsible for the project's dissemination strategy at the local level. Alongside project partners' existing websites, a central project website will be established to update partners on project progress and to disseminate information more widely. The project will also be directly publicised using e-mail and traditional leaflets and a final project conference will be organised in Poland.
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