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Management of Groundwater at Industrially Contaminated Areas (MAGIC)
Start date: May 31, 2005, End date: Mar 30, 2008 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The MAGIC project is focussed on the clean up of complex damages in large groundwater bodies. In particular the common situation of multiple pollution sources in derelict areas requires innovative pro-cedures instead of the conventional single-case treatment. Thus key feature of MAGIC is to further develop the innovative, integral, emission-orientated management approach developed in the FP5 RTD-project INCORE – Integral Concept for Groundwater Remediation. The identification of main sources of pollution and targeted clean-up actions leads to efficient groundwater management concepts and plans. In close transnational co-operation and on the basis of 4 pilot actions the MAGIC partners will elabo-rate, implement and specify a set of tools for the application of the integral approach in the CADSES region. The results will be published and disseminated in training seminars offered to the main target groups as staff of public administration and service providers Expected Results: The implementation of the new concept of the project in four pilot project areas will provide detailed information about underground contamination which will lead to groundwater remediation and rehabilitation of these areas (total area of about 900 ha) and groundwater management plans in the cities involved. The guidance for practical application of the MAGIC concept will enable the users to reach a cost reduction of about 25% for the investigation of degraded areas compared to conventional approaches. The transnational exchange of experience and dissemination will result in an increased awareness and a wider implementation of the integral concept - especially in the new Member States. Groundwater remediation with the elimination of the largest sources of pollution will significantly improve groundwater quality, which will lead to a better water supply. In the long term the integral procedure will save money as a cost-effective management approach for groundwater pollution abatement which helps to reduce the financial burdens due to the legacy of the past and to the revitalisation of derelict land.
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  • Project on KEEP Platform

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