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Manaakitanga: Respect for host and favour for guest
Start date: Jun 28, 2016, End date: Apr 27, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Since humankind decided to establish themselves in a fixed territory they have limited and divided endless areas building walls because of cultural and religious differences, among others. The Berlin wall was a clear example of repression and violence. It came to and end 25 years ago, for lots of people that meant a new beginning of expansion, with no limits it meant freedom. In that period, 11 walls existed in the world. Nowadays, there are more than 50 dividing walls, and the number is growing. This project was born following MANAAKITANGA concept, a Maori way of seeing life that enhances the importance of respect to hosts and kindness to the guest, something we should all embrace now more than ever. We want to make a difference and help people to understand that migrants, refugees and asylum seekers are different concepts. We would like to invite 27 participants in age 18-30 from different part of Europe, different social background and culture habits to share experiences and learn about migrations. These countries are, in one way or another, directly affected by this issue, so it will be a an unique opportunity for them to tackle this ongoing “problem” in an open space that will offer the possibility to share experiences, fears and good practices and to develop new ideas and skills. Mankaakitanga will take place from 3.9.2016 to 10.9.2016.Our main objective is to raise awareness and make participants able to analyze and understand migrations. Specially, we want them to see the humanize face of this problem and break the media wall that surrounds us. We want to put a name to all these faces in transit and try to share their history. We will do that putting all our brains and efforts together to create a film that will document this process. We will be doing that using non-formal education methods and by following a learning path through experience, similar to the one refugees need to follow in search for a better life. Using this method we will tackle racism and foster participants empathy and understanding. After their participation in the project, participants will have clear ideas and new opinions; this project will broaden their horizons and they will become more open minded and tolerant, leaving behind them prejudices and growing as full european citizens with an active role in society.

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