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Start date: Jan 20, 2015, End date: May 20, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The themes of our project are: information and awareness of the risks minor and promoting sexual education among young people.Youth involvement in this project is not simply a local initiative, but follow the transfer of good practices and models between x participating countries The problem does not belong only to youth identified Romania (,ci is a theme of European interest figures, released by Eurostat, reflect the fact that Britain is the country that most teenagers up to 20 years do abortions, 48150. In France, the number of girls up to 20 years that an abortion is 31,779, and in Romania, 17.272.    The project encourages young people and support cultural mobility while increasing cooperation between young people and the transfer of values between European culture and Eastern culture europena.Acest project offers young people the opportunity to develop respect for themselves and others, will have the chance to explore sexual differences between the genders, as ethnicity, cultural difference and sexuality may affect people's feelings and options. Only by knowing and interacting with young people from other cultures by learning about their values through intercultural dialogue and youth will develop concepts atitudni healthy, promote tolerance and non-discrimination and will realize that mocking, teasing stereotypes, abuse and exploitation will negatively influence relations human. This project will attend X youth aged 14 to 28 years.First of all, we will include young people from rural areas among young "normal", helping to integrate without feeling "different" than others and helping them to discover new information which means campaign information, education and awareness of the risks posed by abortion, the self, no matter what difficulties they have. Through this project we offer youth mediulrural information, education, sharing skills "coping", acceptance and inclusion, all resulting in high levels of self-efficacy in daily life. Objectives: -promoting abilities and skills related to intercultural dialogue and combating sexual education and pregnancy minor X X young people from different cultural and geographical areas during 10 days spent together -build of skills and competencies related to education in terms of combating early pregnancy and the risks of abortion in language use universal joint action, while keeping their individuality -acquisition of information, skills and abilities of 38 youths towards overcoming prejudices and stereotypes that exist related to certain aspects of pregnancy and abortion on minor development skills required to make decisions, to be categorical and to listen and ability to recognize pressures from other people and to resist them to face challenges in terms of sexual behavior -contact until the end of the project at least seven non-governmental youth organizations on the objectives and results of the project and on the objectives and purpose of the program The activities planned for the 8 activity days are based on the importance of Nonformal education in the avoiding of the pregnancy to the teenagers The methods used during the Youth excange are non-formal methods: psichodramma, debate, energizers, team-buiding and communication games, ice-breaking, role plays, group work, living library, relational excanges, foto voice, open caffe, etc. RESULTS: 38 young people participated in visits and have acquired the ability, skills and related to initiating and sustaining a campaign of information-education-awareness on the risk of abortion on minor acquired skills of social dialogue; 5organizatii, one rural, built an efficient network of international collaboration and transfer of good practices of young people at the end of the project a degree of solidarity, respect and tolerance through increased knowledge and understanding of values Long-term multiplier effect will be achieved by promoting permanent school environment project results (grade promotion sessions, meetings with principals), providing all materials used in the project and mediating link between school counselors and specialists involved in the project. There will be meetings and discussions will be held with local decision makers factors (police, city hall, child protection, CSI County, DSP) relating to future actions against prostitution, traficuli people using results of the project as a model of good practice. Foreign partners and they will be involved in promoting the results of the multiplication project in schools in communities where they come from and asking them to provide both material and project brochure in English.
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