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"Małe projekty wielkich pasjonatów"
Start date: May 11, 2015, End date: Nov 10, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The "Small projects of great Enthusiasts" was aimed at young people aged 14 - 18 years of age interested in science in the world around us, but - above all - who value the cooperation, exchange of experiences and new challenges. Forty-two people were directly involved in the project : the city Acuto and Vallecorca in Italy, Troyan in Bulgaria after 7 participants (including 1 leader) of the village Prnjavor in Bosnia and Herzegovina 14 people (including 2 leaders due to two separate groups interested in the project) from Bolesławiec 7 participants (including 1 leader). Participants were very creative, some of them had already worked together in previous projects, some were young people who were just starting their journey through the traditions and culture of Europe.The main objectives of the project were: - Harmonious development of key competencies of participants and people indirectly involved in the project (participating in the Festival of Projects Online), contributing to improve the skills to develop and apply mathematical thinking in order to solve problems in everyday situations, with an emphasis on process, activity and knowledge - Shaping attitudes, which should characterize young citizens of Europe.The skills that participants acquired are: teamwork, creativity, strategy development, openness to new ways of activities, responsibility for the final result. It was important also to establish and continue the relationship, maybe in time - friendship - for years to come. The participants' task was to realize a project on a chosen topic. Selected topics included: "Symmetries in dance, architecture, nature, etc.", "Fight with dirt - Home perfumery", "Rainbow in the kitchen", "Beauty in mathematics", "Renewable Energy Sources", "Art of Recycling". Groups participating in a particular subject were international (one - two participants from each of the countries participating in the project). Activities were divided into two stages.The first was the preparatory phase (May - August 2015.) • participants got to know each others (through the group set up for the project on Facebook) • getting familiar with the list of proposals on the themes of projects (or invent new ones) • establishing international groups that would work on a chosen topic of interest to them - the division of tasks, developing a work plan, consultation, choice of method of presenting their work, for instance a multimedia presentation, performance, demonstration, tasting and others. • implementation of tasks set in the group, consultations (via e - mail, chat, video chat, etc.).The second stage took place in Poland (September 2015).. During a week's stay, participants of the project - working in groups created earlier - Finalized their previous actions, preparing for presentations – Festival of Projects, which took place on the penultimate day of the stay of participants in Poland. We have tried to broadcast live to the people from each country participating in the project - so that the effects of the groups' work could be presented to the widest possible group of people. We were able to connect with the group in Prnjavor and Troy. At the hall where the presentation took place students interested in science from boleslawiec schools also took part. Young people from these cities could take part in an unusual event - the Festival of Projects. It was a combination of video, audio, multimedia presentations, videos, their own music, dancing and many other forms of communication. To integrate a group of young people we prepared and conducted urban game that used the ability to read a map, search for characters, orienteering and of course, communications, because the game took place in international groups.Photos and videos which project documentation were kept posted on the site of the project on Facebook.The main language was English.To achieve projected objectives, it was necessary to communicate effectively, which was why a lot of attention was devoted to establish good relationships between participants. Such organization ventures provide each participant the opportunity to actively participate, develop creativity, learn new or develop existing skills, overcome barriers resulting from finding themselves in new situations of limited language knowledge, openness and acceptance of diversity in its various aspects.Participants received Youthpass, confirming participation in the project and describing undertaken actions within it. We took care of dissemination of information on the objectives and results of the project, preparing information for the local media (press, radio, local TV), creating photographic documentation and film, online broadcast from the Festival Project, which was a summary of the project and the starting point for continued cooperation between young people. Cooperation already is continued, together we are creating another project application, this time in Italy.
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