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Making the Koillismaa and the Eastern Border Better Recognised
Start date: Jun 28, 2001, End date: Sep 29, 2003 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The municipalities of the Koillismaa sub-region in Northeast Finland have been marked by high unemployment for a long time, and the social and economic conditions in the neighbouring region of the Republic of Karelia are even weaker. However, the area has potential: the region is well known for its diverse and beautiful nature and the yearround tourism based on it. Signifi cant companies from the forest, saw, food, and metal industries also have operations in the area. Th e educational and cultural services off ered by the municipalities also conform to high national standards. In addition, there are several interesting new travel destinations and growing commercial activity in the forest and light industry sectors behind the eastern border. In order to secure development and create new jobs, it was seen as necessary to make the opportunities off ered by the sub-region and eastern border and the regions status as the Eastern Gateway better known. Th e goal of the project was to make Northeast Finland and the Louhi region better known so that the products and services from the area could be sold more effi ciently both domestically and internationally. Th e intention was to make Northeast Finland well known for its good products and services, and all of the elements of the area were to be utilised to create a uniform perception, which could be applied in the support of development work. Th is conspicuousness was hoped to bring more customers and travellers, which would secure existing jobs and enable new job openings. Th e internationalisation of the Salla and Kuusamo-Suoperä border-crossing points was expected to increase traveller volumes. Achievements: Material was produced for implementing and supporting regional marketing through companies and municipalities. Photographing the signifi cant characteristics of the region during the various seasons was the first phase of the project. These photographs included the most important events in the municipalities as well as the products and services of companies. The photographed material was used to create, for example, an Internet publication, a multimedia presentation, and a DVD presentation. The material was distributed to, for example, foreign travel agents and the media and it was used in different types of events and given as gifts. The feedback received regarding the material has been indicative of its high quality, and the successful circulation to various target groups in Finland and abroad has demonstrated its effect. Th e development of the Koillismaa and eastern border region and its business activity has been successfully publicised, and everyone has benefited from the shared publicity. Several new contacts were also made during the project. The project content successfully met the needs of companies to present their products and services collectively. In fact, the number of companies committed to the project was twice as great as planned. Especially the partners in the Louhi district found the project commendable. Refining the projects results and their effective future utilisation was seen as necessary. Consequently, projects have been completed in the area that could be seen as continuing this work; for example, the Tourism Development Corridor Between Northeastern Finland and Northwestern Russia project over the 2002-2005 period and the Product Creation for Marketing Valkeatie Tourism during the years 2005 -2007.

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