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Making the EU CLEAN of AsBestos
Start date: Oct 1, 2013,

ABClean intends to create a common European curricula on asbestos management targeting prevention and health coordinators of the construction sector and focused on the different cycles of removal and waste disposal of asbestos-containing materials. OSHA reported that these works are done by micro businesses and SMEs leading to a decline in employers' and employees' awareness, knowledge and experience of the risks and necessary occupational safety and health measures. Asbestos remains the primary carcinogenic toxin in the workplace in most countries, even if the EU banned all use of asbestos, during the 70s it was a very common material in buildings and included a variety of products. The ABClean Project aims at providing the necessary skills and competences to reduce the risks provoked by the ignorance of the appropriate prevention, health safety and environmental procedures in the removal and waste disposal of asbestos-containing materials, reinforcing the environmental scope.The ABClean Project foreground will be:-A level 4 Qualification Standard describing the main competences and training needs of the ABClean figure in the construction sector;-An e-training tool, combining theoretical and practical training materials (study cases,best practices,checklists);-A set of memo cards aimed at providing visual aand interactive training.-A minimum of 20 workers of the SMEs of the construction sector dealing with removal or waste disposal of asbestos-containing materials (100 in total).The ABClean will contribute positively in raising awareness, enhancing preventive and environmental measures of risks associated to the management of asbestos-containing materials, as well as providing knowledge and creating a European curriculum of "AsBestosClean manager". Thus contributing to the fulfilment of the EU initiatives related to new skills for new jobs and with the Lifelong Learning objectives regarding the increase of qualified staff and workers mobility (ECVET).

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