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Make Your Toys, Save Your World

MAKE YOUR TOYS, SAVE YOUR WORLD… People in our countries and in the world produce tons of waste materials every year. Whereas, we can recycle most of them to save the environment and to contribute the economy. Also, environment problems became a major concern of the European Union 50 years ago. The problems are still present nowadays. They cannot be solved by local, independent actions, only by the involvement of all European citizens and stake holders. In order to preserve our environment and increase the quality of life, the young generation has to be informed and educated how to manage the natural resources by recycling different waste materials. In our project, children from different cultures will make toys from waste materials which can be recycled so that they will be more conscious about the nature. Also, kids will gain the environment consciousness by playing games, observing, experiencing and they will learn that every waste material shouldn’t be thrown, they can be recycled.

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