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Make your career bravely
Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Jun 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of the project is to prepare its participants to take a decision regarding the future career, to introduce the main criteria of the successful career to the project participants: make them believe in their effectiveness developing the self-esteem, encourage seeking the main aims of the life and belief in their future results, develop the comprehension of the participants on the life learning conception. The final result of the exchange should be a career plan developed by each participant of the exchange. The aims of the project: 1. to strengthen the motivation of the participants for reaching their future aims and encourage self-confidence in planning their career; 2. to prepare the participants for the future job search: to reveal their strengths, support in formulating their aims, to make them acquainted with the variety of the professions, needs of the labour market; 3. to develop the public speaking skills and to reduce the fears and self-limitation in expressing their thoughts while speaking in public; 4. to support each participant in developing a career plan. 5 countries amounting in 31 participants take part in the project. Each country is represented by 5 participants and a team leader. In order to run the organisation of the project smoothly, the Lithuanian team, in charge for submitting an application form, consists of 2 main group leaders. The participants of the project are the habitants of the small towns in their final school year and the students graduating from universities. The participants are in age of 18 to 24 years old. The planned activities of the project are of the informal nature. They will be performed in the mixed groups. In order to reveal the topic of the project as competent as possible and to include the participants of the different age in the maximum number of the informal activities, the group members will exchange among themselves. During the project the activities of self-awareness and activities dedicated for checking the personal abilities, the exercises for the completion of the further career steps as well as exercises aiming to support the participants in developing their career plan will take place. The applied methodology in the project is the one by J. Holland on the personality types and by D. Super and E. Erikson on the personality evolution. As D. Super and E. Erikson see the career choice as long lasting process, these theories will be applied in the project in order help the participants to comprise the concept of the life long learning. J. Holland's theory on the personality types is based on the assumptions that the people are tend to choose the profession, which reflects best their personal abilities. After the project we seek to introduce it to the youth of the small towns and to involve them in the activities. Together with the team of students participating in the project would like to arrange some practical exercises on the career development at schools and universities. With help of the seminars we will encourage the youth occupation providing them with the opportunity to spend their time meaningfully, which will hopefully help in their future career way. These exercises will help to once again take a look at the topic analised during the youth exchange. The youth participating in the project will gain possitive experience, which will help to contribute to the rational use of the human resources and the creation of the society in the future.
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