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Start date: Apr 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Racism and discrimination are not new themes, we can actually find them at every social level. Lately, economic crisis has made these matters increase. We can fight discrimination and violence that we see and make us angry because of the injustice they cause, but it’s harder to fight micro-violence and abuses that we don’t see. We use to consider this micro-violence as normal in our everyday life and they manifest themselves at different levels: social, relational and internal. They’re part of us, of the way we think to us and our place in the world. The objective of this project is to develop strategies and activities to detect the relations of power in our everyday lives that cause abuse, discrimination and violence. This will lead to find good treatment alternatives to these relations. To do this we will bring together youth workers, young people, teachers, educators and psychologists from Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Estonia, Romania, Lithuania, Italy, Latvia, Slovakia, Croatia and Spain There will be 34 participants, 2 trainers, 1 support person and as a final result we will produce a guide of activities on how to make micro-violence of different nature (race, gender, social stratum…) visible. The approach of this training course (8 days long) is based on non-formal learning which uses different participatory methods such as simulation games, visualizations, debates, group work, etc., making the participants slowly discover concepts and processes. This is a horizontal method, in which everyone has an active role, that uses the group as a learning resource. Firstly, we expect an impact on the participants who will discover relations of power in their everyday lives and will be able to see invisible abuse and discrimination. Moreover, they will be given tools to understand non-formal education principles and to develop activities according to these. In the second place, we expect an impact on youth with which the participants work and with which will implement the activities designed during the training, to teach them how to detect the standardized micro-violence. Finally, there will be an important impact also in family and social circles of the participants, as they will have the tools to make them see the discrimination, violence and oppression wherever it is invisible. In the long term this is a very important project since it changes the focus from the most visible, big and scandalous to the smallest things that usually go unnoticed. By doing this, it leads the fight against discrimination from the fight against something that comes from outside to an internal level of responsibility. If the focus is on something for which everyone is responsible for, the transformation is much more real and possible.
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