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Make Europe not war

Nowadays, pupils consider peace as an obvious situation since they were born in the 90’s. However, it does not appear as an evolution, a process or accomplishment of a painful past. With a main focus on History and geography (with its citizenship dimension enhanced) the goal of our project is to demonstrate the essential link between two different times: Europe today, seen united with all its geographical and cultural diversities versus Europe in the past which was deeply wounded during the Second World War.Thanks to cooperative activities in English, with the help of technology (ICT), the pupils from the different countries will first be able to compare their environments, then to think over the consequences of WWII enriched by the vision given by the national points of view. Here the Comenius project would target the evolutions from enemies at war to united nations living peacefully.This mutual work could make the European pupils-citizens realize the importance of the building of Europe in their everyday life. Comenius would be a wonderful asset to promote the links between European pupils during their education at school by having the feeling of share a common History.
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