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Start date: Jan 1, 2013,

Youth unemployment is a serious issue now days. It is even more striking after the economic crisis increased the unemployment rates in the whole Europe. As a rule, the youth unemployment is more or less double to the general unemployment rate. One of the reasons is lack of practical skills and experience and volunteering can be one of the solutions for this problem. With this project, Together would like to contribute to increasing employment of young people through volunteering. Promoting a high level of employment is also an important objective of the EU as the unemployment rate among young adults is significantly higher than for other age groups. We think that European Voluntary Service (EVS) can be a valuable tool to overcome youth unemployment. Because the better employability of youngsters can only be achieved if young people are properly equipped with knowledge, skills and competencies through high-quality, relevant education and training. The EVS is an important non-formal learning experience for young people. This project will provide opportunity for 28 young people from FYR Macedonia to be EVS volunteers and spend 1 month volunteering and get international experience in one of the hosting countries: Poland, Turkey, France and Italy. This opportunity will give to young people another perspective of their life, raise their self-esteem and self-confidence, contribute to developing their skills and competencies, discover other cultures and on this way to increase their future employability. The volunteers involved will be young people with fewer opportunities. We will offer this unique opportunity to young people who are coming from difficult social and cultural backgrounds, with economical or family lacks, with low level of education and almost no international experience.

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