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Make a Difference - European Footprint on our World

The higher standard of living enjoyed by European countries has been accompanied by more congestion, pollution and global warming. This creates problems and opportunities in an increasingly globalised world. The main aim of this project will be to raise student awareness of the consequences of their actions on the environment, and encourage the to explore the effects of modifying their behaviour.Students will collect data on their "carbon footprint" over the period of the project with the aim of reducing it. This will culminate in a "Charter of Environmental Resposibility" signed by all school communities.The wider effects of climate change and environmental damage on society, business and governments will be considered. Policy responses and the possible implications of these will bei investigated by partner schools. Students will be encouraged to explore the issues raised in a multidisciplinary context using a variety of practical and creative methods. The experience gained should help generate a long term interest and commitment to the enviroment as highlighted in the charter.

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