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Major competencies to manage minor offenders
Start date: 01 Jan 2012,

The goal is to increase the specific professional training provisions that will enforce the involvement of different parts involved in the management of juvenile crime, for a better response to the needs for social inclusion of minor offenders.The general objectives are:1. To upgrade the professional competencies by specific professional training of different categories directly or indirectly involved in the management of juvenile criminality and in the assistance of minor offenders2. To endow the family members with specific competencies3. To increase the functionality and inter-operability of the structures that manages the juvenile crimeThe target groups are:Direct beneficiaries:1. Professionals directly involved in juridical assistance (lawyers, magistrates, policemen)2. Professionals directly involved in penalty assistance (guardians and other prison personnel)3 Professionals directly involved in social assistance (probation counselors, social operators, social assistants)4. Professionals directly involved in pedagogical assistance (educators, teachers, tutors, other didactic personnel)4. Professionals directly involved in psychological assistance5. Professionals directly involved in medical care6. Family members that should take care of minor offendersIndirect beneficiaries:1. The state structures that manage the juvenile crime (probation services, child assistance and protection directorates, police, penitentiaries administration)2. Minor offendersThe main outcomes will be:1. Research Report focusing on:- minor offenders categories in the EU- institutions and organisations involved- specific categories of professionals- mechanisms, criteria and good practice examples of dealing with minor offenders2. EQF based curriculum for VET training of professionals3. VET provisions - methodological guide- handbook- eLearning facility- ECVET based evaluation/certification methodology 4. Training course5. International symposium under EfVET
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