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Mainstreaming the Model for Flexible Industrial Training-MoFIT

The project will build on the promoting organisation's development, under a previously funded Leonardo project, of a 'Transnational Model for Flexible Industrial Vocational Training' (MOFIT), to mainstream the results of this model within vocational training systems in the partner countries. Specifically, the project will create an outline curriculum and training programme for the new occupation of 'Mechatronics Technician'; that is, an occupation related to the maintenance, modification and design of automated production equipment. A full mechatronics syllabus and course of training will be developed by the project partners based upon identified industry requirements. The syllabus and training will be delivered via the internet through project partners. The syllabus will be structured on a modular basis at three levels: operator; maintenance technician and professional, for which pre-requisite knowledge and skills will be required for entry at the different levels. Training will bring together aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering that are traditionally taught separately. In addition to training in engineering skills, MOFIT will also create three 'soft skills' modules to equip trainees with necessary communication skills. Additionally, the project will create a series of internet-based toolkits for trainers and managers. The project will further aim to establish mutual recognition of the occupation of 'mechatronics technician' and the accompanying training course across the partner countries. Dissemination will include presentations to national policy makers and the release of articles to relevant press/journals in addition to the establishment of a European Mechatronics Network.
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