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Mainstreaming Gender issues in organising youth exchanges and training courses on international Level -Road to gender equality
Start date: Aug 30, 2010,

The main aim of this training course is to train participants about how to ensure thatgender issues are mainstreamed and taken into account in planning and implementing International Youth Exchanges and Training Courses. YEU and our member organisations consistently hiaintain high quality standard ¡ organizing, implementing, evaluating and securing an effective follow up of the activities but we believe that ah improvement is needed related to awareness of gender issues in this process. This training course, held in Azerbaijan will Involve 36 active leade4rs active on the international level between 18 and 30 years old, from all over Europe and North of Africa. Four trainers will lead this course using non-formal education methods.By improving the capacity for gender mainstreaming in the trainees we expect to improve the quality standard of the. exchanges and training courses organized within the network and the partners. In this way we aim to combat discrimination and promote equality of opportunities and participation regardless of gender. This increase in awareness and competences in gender issues will also have a multiplier effect in the local work of the member organisations and in the wider society increasing the potential of the network and our partners to combat discrimination and promote European values pf equality in all areas of society.Different perspectives concerning gender will be taken into account especially those related to cultural, religious and social backgrounds. Recent YEU experiences of activities in Azerbayán on European Citizenship and the IYË on Inter-religious Dialogue in Albania also funded by YiA have shown us that this is important. The specific experiences ahd perspectives of the Ror a and Muslim communities in Europe regarding gender equality will be given special attention. In this content the ideation of Azerbaijan was chosen to host the training course and partners were chosen from countries with sigriificaht Roma minorities in order to be able to be able to provide an authentic reference.point tö the complexities of gender issues that exist across Europe and that we are obliged to deal with in our international activities.

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