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Mainstream SocioCultural Dynamics to enhance NLLLS
Start date: Mar 1, 2011,

MASON aims to put in place a transnational peer learning process under the scope of enhancing the development of mutual understanding across the LLL actors and between the prevailing educational traditions in Europe on coherence and comprehensiveness of Strategies on LLL. The project is built on the results of a previous project –EFELSE, where identified were the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the implementation of NLLLS from a country perspective. Noted was that constraining factors to the implementation of NLLLS are routed in the socio-cultural dynamics that “shape” / or even govern the learning traditions of a country. MASON will explore into these dynamics in an iterative and discursive manner both from an inner and outer perception point of view. The project articulates LLL Action Plans (guided by the element on coherence and comprehensiveness). Their components become the subject for reflection in two interrelated workshops. The workshops are the results of a series of reflective activities that draw on the practices on LLL integration from well and weak performing settings / countries. The process engages 20 individuals that compare and contrast project developed matrices (on socio-cultural dynamics) and case studies of LLL strategic orientations. The process results to a set of four diverse culture (learning) based Action Plans for LLL strategy implementation. These are valorized in a project event where the plans (and the embedded in these conceptual orientations) are scrutinized by experts on LLL. Exploitation is further considered through a portal system which serves as the mechanism for the institutions and agencies in the regions of Europe to become signatories of the Memorandum of Understanding on the uptake of the design of an institution specific Action Plan. The work plan is divided into three phases: Explorative, Capacity Building on LLL implementation and Exploitation, and into five (5) coherent WPs. The workplan is executed by 7 partners representing seven Member States. LLL stakeholders at the policy level from different types and sectors of education and training constitute the main target group. Overall MASON is an attempt to identify, discuss/negotiate and propose ways to overcome constraining factors in LLL through a highly reflective and iterative process. This process in itself is of primary concern to the MASON Consortium.
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  • Education and training\Life long learning (2007-2013)\POLICY CO-OPERATION AND INNOVATION IN LIFELONG LEARNING (KEY ACTIVITY 1)\Transnational cooperation on lifelong learning strategies
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