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Magnolia - Languages & sharing & education space
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project in the framework of the Erasmus Plus Mobility Action Educational Personnel titled “Magnolia” includes two institutions: Przedszkole 51 in Poznan and Kindergarten La Maisonnette in Rome.Type of action which will be taken up this Job Shadowing is learning the job through observation.The applicant organization and also the sending organization is Polish Kindergarten while Kindergarten in Rome is the host organization.The specificity and the main common area for both institutions is to teach children foreign languages early and unconventional, innovative arrangement of educational space conducive to the development of the child's autonomy in making cognitive activity.11 out of 22 employees - directly related to the educational process, will attend the project on the side of the sending organization. On the side of the host organization there will be 7 teachers directly involved in the educational process. All participants have knowledge of communicative English.Participation in Educational Personnel Mobility Project will achieve the objectives contained in the concept of work and development, and concerning: learn new teaching methods; knowledge of the tools of labor; educational space arrangement towards greater individualization in education and create conditions for the development of children's self-reliance; learn new educational best practices especially in the area of parallel learning foreign languages during sensitive periods for speech development and language, improving language skills of staff and create a sustainable partnership in cooperation.We also want to raise the prestige of kindergartens by giving them an international dimension.We would finally like to support the environment with a lower standard of living, where our kindergarten is located, using our own resources.The organization, which we plan to visit is a kindergarten with international context where education and upbringing go in multilingual (Italian, French, English) natural course, not in the framework defined classes, and through immersion in the world of the child's language.During the training and mobility, the staff will increase their skills by accompanying the host organization staff in their daily work, through observation and interaction. This is what is called Job shadowing.There are 17 mobility planned, divided into 4 trips throughout the 24-month period. Departures will take place in teams of 3-5 people. The key participants of the project, such as the leader, other coordinators, will take part in more than one mobility visit, to give linguistic and organizing support to other teachers. We know by experience that it is preferable to hold a mobility lasting at least a week, so people can be aware of activities each day (in the nursery it has a deep meaning, content of classes and various activities are carried over a week - it has its deep methodological justification). Learning the specific methods of work in a multilingual preschool enrich our experience on methodical field, teachers will get to know other ways of teaching than operating on Polish soil our approach to taming of several languages from an early age, without interfering with the child's mental development (which is a common problem in a somewhat artificial practices existing in our country) .Dissemination will take place in a series of training courses for kindergarten teachers the City of Poznan, by participation in the conference disseminating at the Poznan City Hall, by organizing educational stand at the Fair Educational, by posting publications in journals for teachers of preschool education and bulletins / reviews of the methodology for pedagogy students. And also our publication for kindergarten teachers in the City of Poznań.Under the influence of acquired new methods, new pedagogical innovations will arise, which will be incorporated to teaching work in our Kindergarten, and will enrich other teachers and pedagogical students workshop through a scheduled dissemination, Observed methodology of teaching from an early age, foreign languages will allow us better achieve this goal our concept, which is also one of strategic goals of the EU.Interesting arrangement solutions observed during the mobility will be transferred to the ground of our kindergarten and will be deeply described in an upcoming publication.The host organization is not only a recipient in action job shadowing and uses a lesser extent, because at every stage of the project will benefit from our rich experience on the concept of education with one voice.For both institutions the effects of this collaboration will have long-term dimension in the form of preparing the foundations for the project based on the idea worked out during mobility.
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