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Magna Graecia for Solidarity
Start date: 29 Aug 2016, End date: 28 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The issue of immigration is one of the major points of interest for European citizens, as regards the future of the continent. Migratory movements create and create consequences from every point of view, radically changing the economy, society and relationships. The European Union is working on policies, programs and regulations to regulate the causes and consequences of migration, not without difficulties due to the high numbers to handle.The Mediterranean countries are no doubt those who are facing the most immediate and visible changes. According to UNHCR data, arrivals by sea (specifically via the Mediterranean) have been over 1 million in 2015 and are already 62,000 in 2016. Of these, about 58,000 came to Greece and 4000 to Italy, with a number victims already risen to 309 (data January 2016 - source: role of youth organizations and charities can seem marginal in front of the humanitarian and first host, yet beyond the level of the media, there are young people and youth organizations can do their part by using existing tools, relying on founding values of the European Union, which led to the success of the Erasmus + and that are more clearly visible in the daily reports for the construction of European solidarity.The European Voluntary Service, by young volunteers, promotes values of peace and solidarity between peoples and must be considered an instrument for Europe to promote every aspect of immigration: from the welcoming to a real inclusion.At the same time, it must be seen as an opportunity to build new generations of European citizens, more aware and sensitive to the inclusion and integration.This is precisely the objective of the "Magna Graecia for Solidarity" (MG4S), which aims to promote cooperation between Italy and Greece in the field of youth participation voluntary for promoting the integration of immigrants, beginning symbolically axis Athens - Sybaris, headquarters of the participating organizations and representing a historical period when the sea itself was the center of the story.Digital future, Organization of Coordination and Dispatch, and KEAN, Organization of Hospitality, working to promote the dissemination and understanding of the basic EU values. FD does mainly operating in contexts small Southern Italy, where, in the face of a society in profound socio-cultural change, the ability to decipher the changes and live-European perspective still seem distant goals. The Association therefore intends to offer its young people the opportunities for growth abroad in areas where the replication may be more feasible. The theme of managing migration flows and their consequences are one of the challenges for the future.The Association KEAN is instead implementing long been a center of support and guidance to immigrants in central Athens (Victoria Square), and is therefore interested to give a European dimension to this activity, creating a team that from the first approach capable of transmitting to migrant the best part of Europe, often represented by their four young EVS volunteers.Aims:- Promoting European citizenship in solidarity, civic engagement and youth participation in the social life of Europe;- To promote the social inclusion of migrants in Europe;- Provide opportunities for non-formal learning as part of the welcome and assistance to migrants.Achieving these goals matches the priorities of the Erasmus + and specifically EVS. It is also a need for young Europeans, which detects both for personal (awareness of European values) and for professional purposes in the field of immigration and assistance (job opportunities post EVS).Activities:The proposed activities will take place in Athens, for six months, from 11/07/16 to 10/05/17. They aim to create a volunteer experience "on the ground" for 4 youngsters, also to make innovation in a sector where innovation and humanity are necessary. They therefore propose training unconventional Erasmus+ to integrate assistance and basic material.- Organization of communication campaigns and events against discrimination and in favor of solidarity;- Research and creation of a network of organizations and local volunteers who provide support to immigrants in the city;- Participation in meetings of staff for planning and design of new interventions;- Participation in interactive workshops on the subject of first aid to refugees;- Video interviews and realization video "Little stories from people on the move", to stimulate the local population to solidarity;- Creative workshops with migrant children;- Greek language lessons.
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