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Magia starych zawodów i rzemiosł.
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 May 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project " Magic of the old professions and trades " aims to help the young people aged 13-17 years in searching of their own identity and to discover their own potential . It is an opportunity to acquire new competencies and skills to improve future position on the labor market. The project will involve 40 young people living in neighboring countries : Poland , Russia, Latvia and Lithuania and 8 leaders directing the activities of the project. All participants are the students of secondary schools aged 13-17 , actively working in the organizations they represent : European Club of Gimnazjum Psary ( Poland ), International Friendship Club (Russia ) , 10 Vidusskola Daugavpils (Latvia ) and Utenos Ekonomikos ir Kompiuterijos klubas (Lithuania). The tasks of the project will run with the use of active methods and implemented on the basis of the principle of non-formal education. The partnership will be the source and the environment of learning in which participants will be able to improve their language, cultural, intercultural and personal skills. Actions in a motivated group with similar goals and needs will be supported by the leaders, backed by monitoring of activities and progress, peer feedback and items of regularly conducted evaluation. Discovering new talents and strengths during the implementation of selected project tasks can be very important and motivating for the participants. Participation in the project will allow each participant to create a positive self image , discover new perspectives and ideas, encourage creativity and their own creation. Youth Exchange will become a tool to promote the idea of a united Europe and European citizenship values. It will take place in Poland in the municipality of Psary and places of the province of Silesia which are important for the project subject Bedzin , Bytom, Zabrze, Chorzow , Wisla and others. The exchange and the whole project will increase the sense of equality among young people, their intercultural sensitivity, provide young people with experiences that will give them the opportunity to learn new things and develop their competence and make better use of their potential in their future lives. The project will : -develop the partnership and friendly relations with young people from different countries -exchange of information and experience between organizations -strengthen and develop the key competencies of youth -pay attention to the dynamic development of the labor market and the need to adapt to the requirements of its rules -increase educational and professional chances of participants Expected results of project activities: -increase of the knowledge and experiences of young people - increasing the involvement of young people in the activities of their local communities - improvement of language skills, overcoming individual language barriers o language, -increase of intercultural competences and cultural sensitivity, positive perception of other cultures - increase of skills in the deliberate use of modern information and communication technologies - strengthening personal development, self-esteem and self-confidence
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