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Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context. Longtime first Spanish group and then, after the selection phase, also the group from Sweden, have observed that the elderly are most frequently involved in maintaining traditions, heritage protection and care for the natural environment. More and more often we find young people in our regions with urban vocation, who wish to develop their life in big cities, without giving much value to the rich environment in which we live. This problem was initially observed by the Spanish group, made us wonder if this also happens elsewhere in Europe. And to our surprise, that's right. Our friends from Sweden have made us see that the distance does not prevent common problems related to the environment in which we live and the quality of life of youth and other citizens. Project objectives. General objective. Foster critical observation and direct action on the social, heritage and natural environment of young Europeans to promote sustainability thereof based on grounded in non-formal and informal learning activities. Specific objectives. - Start the day with courage and willingness to learn and share. - Identify the key elements of the learning process, and debating in order to reach consensus. - Recognize the importance of personal safety and the group, understood as part of a compromise. - Learning through play, meet the participants, converting a project from several countries in a project of a country. - Understanding the interests and personal and group characteristics that behind every person and group. - Share informal spaces, where he also learns. - Valuing the environment Madrona, characteristics and peculiarities: nature, heritage, history. - To promote multiculturalism through the knowledge of our language and the official language of the project. - Evaluate all project phases through reflection, recognizing the skills acquired. - Know the characteristics of the countries and regions represented through presentations, music, dancing, food. - Promote the debate between young, skilled, technical and policy in the context of the project theme, besides giving visibility with the help of media. - Understand the resources that the Community institutions make available to the young people and how youth can help preserve the heritage of and Europeans. - Contact the local society and in particular with area youth to discuss and agree on solutions to the problems and the role that European youth can and should play in their resolution. - Enjoy a sport in nature to experience firsthand a unique experience among friends. - Understand the opportunities Erasmus + and how young people can access them in a practical way. - Recognize all elements of learning (skills, competencies, skills) acquired during the project through a methodical and thoughtful process. Number and profile of participants. We will be a total of 30 people, including leaders. The age of the participants in all activities have decided to be between 18 and 25. We find a range of ages that fits the profile of the groups and can give (and indeed da) cover the initial candidates. To ensure a balance between men and women in the project, we decided on the partnership that the lower fee gender should not be less than 40%. Thus, after data from the online survey, it was difficult to get this balance. Activities. The set of activities is varied and adapted to the needs of the partners. It is closely related to the subject and oriented to achieving success. The detail in annex attached. Methodology. The methodology used to conduct the project is active and highly participatory, based on non-formal and informal learning of skills, abilities and competencies. In detail can be seen the same in the annex activities. Results and impact. The results of the process are given by the objectives outlined above. The expected impact will be several orders: personally each participant in each promoter group. But also in our localities, regions and countries, as the project has a clear objective and European projection. Possible long-term benefits. This project is endowed with sustainability, due to the commitment of the parties to keep the "flame", by tracking new projects. But in the meantime, keep you updated Internet tools that we have created for other groups to develop new and improved projects.

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