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Mācību un vadības kvalitātes uzlabošana Tārgales pamatskolā.
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Sep 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of project Erasmus + Training mobilities “ Education and improving the quality of school leadership in Targale Primary school” is to develope and increase the level of education ad learning at Targale Primary school. In order to achieve this objective, teachers have to use effective teaching and learning methods and new opportunities provided by ICT ( Information communication tehnology). Unfortinately the staff of our school is short of knowledge using the latest ICT at teaching process. The improvment could be reached in service training courses. Improving the quality of teaching is not possible without professional management of school what is able to solve different problems, in effective way run the staff,plan the development of the school. We belive, that the most effective way obtain the knowledge and expierence for school management is attending training service courses in other European countries. The courses are organized and run by well qualified and expierenced tutors. The choise of courses was quite wide and we select the most appropriate and suitable for our representatives.Participation in courses abroad will improve knowledge of English language, establish new contacts which will creat a new international cooperation in e Twinning and Erasmus + area. Taking part in international project will promote the motivation of students and staff, and increase the role and prestige of school in local community.In assessing the offer of courses, we have decided, the most appropriate and suitable skills could be acquired in 3 courses: “ Innovate skills for ICT through cooperation basesd on teaching and learning”,” Creative teaching of English at junior classes”and “School managenent”. In order to clarify the participants of the Project, the commission created the the criterion for the staff, who were eager to join the Project. The main conditions choosing the participants were desire to acquire the knowledge,willingness to share with acquired knowledge among the rest of staff and expierence of staff training. The selected participants headmistress Ilze Judzika, math and ICT teacher Juris Šauriņš and Teacher of English Agris Paipals regulary improve their professinal skills in different workshops and courses, try to make the lessons more attractive, using the latest innovations,share their expierence and give advice for the colleaques.The based knowledge and skills acquired in courses- Information and practical examples of ICT during the lessons,- Methods of involving students in active work at the lessons,- Increasing students motivation at group work using Web.2.0,- Using social networks,e-Twinning, blogs,- Improving and widening methods of English language teaching,- Encouraging students to take responsibility of their learning process,- Modern school management,- Assuarance of quality and human resourse management,- Effective solution of clues at school,- Improving team work skills for Erasmus + partnership and eTwinning projects,- Exchanging expierence.The acquired skills and knowledge will be shared among the rest of staff using workshops, lectures, practical activities,giving advice how to develop the materials.The European expierence also will be presented to the teachers and principals of other schools in our Ventspils region.The successful realization of the projesct will help the students to carry out the latest methods of teaching, new ICT tehnologies what will help better to acquire teaching materials, increase the activity at the lessons, improve the training results. The expierence of European school management will help more effective use the school resources and help to take part in various different international cooperations in future. In long – term period we do hope the students will get much better results and achievements at studies, increase the role of our school in local community.
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