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M3 = Migrants - Minorities - Mobilities

Through this funding we were able to involve learners from migrant and minority backgrounds. During the 83 mobility’s, we provided a diverse range of educational activities which supported individual development, reinforced cultural diversity and promoted intercultural and inter religion.We also gave the learners an idea of the skills required for intercultural youth work. We utilised their experiences, compared different approaches / practices and learnt from these examples. On a European Level we shared and discussed experiences and methods. On Local Levels many activities were implemented and carried out such as: • Art Exhibitions• Movie Festival / theatre• Trainings, including youth training• Support guide for migrantsReflection on the experiences of both European and National level enabled us to bring the concepts of integration and inclusion into the project at all times. By engaging in a partnership at different levels, managers, staff and learners working with migrants and youth, we have aimed to;• Encourage a greater exchange of people and widen participation whilst deepening our cooperation and networking as partners.• Encourage an open and respectful exchange of views between individuals and training institutions.• Facilitate (amongst participants) a deeper understanding of diverse world views and practices by creating individual portfolios to reflect their experiences. • Encourage training to become youth workersM3 has increased knowledge and understanding between people that are coming from different cultures and either working in multicultural surroundings, or enhancing intercultural dialogue in a mono-cultural environment. The observations, ideas and recommendations provided by project participants after their mobilities have been collected and discussed by the involved organisations in the partner countries.They have offered impulses for learners to be merged with existing practices of intercultural education.
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