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M.O.V.E: Mobility, Our Vision of Europe
Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In 2008, Youth-Agenda was established by a small group of volunteers. Our objectives were to contribute to the improvement and of the civil society and cooperate with the individuals and legal persons working in these fields; to provide an active support for the improvement of youth policies, to protect and develop the constitutional and democratic rights of the youth; to provide a vision for cooperation and solidarity among youth; equipping the youth with resources and assistance in order to create progressive and modern masses who would conceive the "reality" in national and global levels; forming unions and cooperation among youth and working together with related institutions in order to aid the employment of youth. In this perspective, we started to organize work groups, composed of volunteers, in charge of determining youth problems and coming up with suggestions for influential and lasting solutions; to write and implement realistic and coherent projects. Erasmus + EVS came as a logical sequel to the work we already are implementing on a local and national scale. In this context started the M.O.V.E: Mobility, Our Vision of Europe project. A project of which the objectives is to raise European Awareness among the youngsters ; ensure dialogue between members and candidates by supporting intercultural exchanges through mobility, a considerable tool towards this objective. Indeed, we believe that mobility and youth-exchanges are an essential way to get to understand Europe in its larger dimension, by experiencing it from the inside and living it. Moreover, Istanbul’s internationality makes it even more coherent towards this objective. Indeed, it is by meeting new people, exchanging experiences, sharing point of views, that get youngsters to understand the other and his country : become active, aware citizens. European Awareness goes through cultural diversity, its understanding, its acceptance, and its circulation. Therefore, through this 24 months long project that Youth-Agenda is coordinating and hosting, we want to offer three volunteers from three different countries an hosting, informative place, creating a European crossroads between Belgium, funding member state and host country of the institutions; Spain, member facing a longestablished crisis; Croatia, new member state; and Turkey, candidate to Europe, hosting the project. Our criteria are based on the candidate’s motivation and involvement. Still, we want to privilege candidate who haven’t been involved in a European long-term program yet, as we think that as many young European people as possible should have the chance to live that experience. Activities will vary, in order to ensure a dynamic approach and help the volunteer finding the field he feels the most comfortable in. Indeed, we want the activities that will be implemented to match the volunteers' knowledge, skills and competences. Since our projects and camps take place in different dates and are realized consecutively, the volunteer will be able to engage in many ongoing activities where he will gain experience in different areas, while enjoying and discovering the city and the country. More precisely, those activities will be: - Developing projects that create dialogue opportunities with European youth and promote EU opportunities for Turkish/European youth; - Creating a (web-)magazine related to Youth-Agenda’s Erasmus + activity, preparing promotion material that is relevant to the youth, writing reports and presenting it in articles for the targeted public in creative ways; - Organizing meetings and activities that promote the programs of Youth-Agenda and Erasmus +, public (schools, universities, trainings) and private (one-to-one with interested individuals); - Participating in, as teacher and/or organizer, youth camps and camp for young people with fewer opportunities implemented by Youth-Agenda (English speaking camp, French speaking camp, EU project writing camp, Law camp, and others according to the ongoing granted projects). The participants, after their service, will start acting as multipliers. The experience they will gain during this project will be shared with people from their communities, their friends, their families, transmitting or triggering the urge and the motivation to travel, meet new people, to take part in a bigger Europe - in other words, they will naturally spread results of the project. Participants will as well discover a new culture, and gain life learning experience. As mentioned above, inter-cultural communication will push participants and the people they interact with to broaden their field of view and offer them a chance to to understand their fellow European citizens better, overcome stereotypes and fight prejudices. By taking part in this project, we are willing to trigger the urge among youngters to get involved in Europe, by feeling more concerned about it : they are tomorrow’s Europe, just as tomorrow’s Europe is theirs.
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