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M.E.E.T. - Management E-learning Experience for Training secondary school's students

The globalisation of markets and working processes as well as the financial crisis bringing about the loss of lots of jobs highlight the need to search and suggest innovative training instruments and proposals. MEET project has selected and addressed three needs which deal with: product typology; reforms of the education & training systems undertaken in the partner countries; quality criteria. The consortium aimed at implementing and transferring BG from the applicant’s country to the other ones and in particular from the higher education to the VET (EQF level 4 – 5). Moreover it aimed at encouraging a possible development of the practice in the LLP and the setting out of pedagogical solutions based on ICT. The proposal has addressed the following 3 objectives: 1) Innovative and attractive instrument: B.G. is a simulation and role-playing game which has been specifically designed for young people; it can be used by the schools to help the students to face a real working environment. 2) the template should comply with the European devices; 3) analysis and evaluation of the proposal in order to assure the quality. The consortium was composed of 14 partners and it represented a remarkable sample of organisations which were strongly motivated and used to cooperate in European contexts. Thus they could provide the appropriate contribution and support in achieving project results. Several partners had a wide and proven experience in LdV projects; they had also established close relationships with other local bodies and the policy makers. The competences, the experience and the human resources involved allowed to assure the quality in achieving project aims and carrying out activities planned.The impact: target groups (students and operators) which were directly involved in translating and adjusting the product; the proposal aimed at transferring and adapting the B.G. – in use in Italy for the EQF Level 6-7 – to a EQF Level 4-5 in Italy, Portugal, France and Netherlands. Poland, Romania and Estonia were also involved in the B.G. testing; the testing was carried out by using the product in English. In the long term the partnership wishes to extend the product to the Eastern Europe countries.

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