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LungA was an international project that involved six countries with participants aged 15 to 25. The project was organised with the intention of opening doors to different countries through art and culture. LungA put the project together to create a space for participants to be introduced to and discuss different cultures in an unprejudiced environment. The groups took part in a series of workshops and the project concluded with a final event where each participating country gave a presentation of another country’s culture. It was with this activity that the fusion of the six countries really became clear. To get an idea of their different cultures, they presented each other’s fairytales and folklore, which have played a role in each country’s history. Learning about tales from the past can help to understand why certain superstitions and beliefs exist in the present. Furthermore, by introducing and explaining another culture, they not only got a deeper understanding of it, but also saw how their own culture can be perceived through the eyes of someone with a different background. After all the young people kept an ongoing relationship with each other which has lead to a transnational youth initiative.

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