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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

LUNA is in line with the objectives of the consortium. All partners mention the ambition to raise the number of participants in the international activities in their strategic plans. In the MIP of the partners, internationalization is top priority.The consortium has cooperated since the start LdV and cooperated VETPRO + IVT. The partners also cooperated with their partner schools in the consortium 4Groen and other Agricultural schools in NL. A unit of choice in the Dutch VET qualifications was recently developed by these two consortia. Objectives: International activities of LUNA will enhance the professional competences as well as the personal competences of the participants. Participants will learn to think creatively and critically, learn to handle problems in a straightforward and solution oriented. They will learn to communicate in multicultural settings and in foreign languages, to cooperate in these settings. They will learn to use ICT-tools effectively and efficiently. They will obtain social and cultural skills, effective learning strategies and they will learn how to work and live with people from different ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds. They will learn goal-oriented and suitable behavior in many different contexts and situations. LUNA aims: To give internationalism a permanent place in the strategic plans organizations involved and in the curricula of their educational programs. To stimulate the educational programs aiming at foreign language learning and to organize these programs in a more flexible way. To develop the English language skills of teachers at professional and certified institutions in countries where English is a native language such as Mt, IE or the UK. To create, extend and sustain international networks. To enhance the quality the education focused on the following: the level of the international mobility’s of our students shall be indicated using the EQF-levels that are currently determined; the development and implementation of ECVET-units with the partner schools from Europe; to inform staff members about the possibilities of the EQF and ECVET instruments and to make them familiar with these instruments; to implement ECVET units in order to accredit international learning time in the Dutch educational programs. LUNA provides all vocational students with equal opportunities to participate in the international activities, no students are excluded due to social or cultural background. There is specific attention to the inclusion of the lower-level students. The number of participants in LUNA will increase significantly compared to similar projects over the past years. This is caused by the importance that is given to internationalism by the school managers. We estimate a 15% raise in the number of participants compared to previous years. Background: students from all EQF-levels can participate in all fields of agriculture. Both in traditional fields of agriculture as well as more contemporary fields of agriculture such as water, bio, eco, agri techniques, food security, etc. Description of activities LUNA will be used to: pilot the implementation of ECVET-units; enhance foreign language skills of the participants; organize meetings to develop new ECVET-units; enhance the quality of foreign work placements as the partner-companies will be approached via the reliable EUROPEA-network, where MOU’s about quality control are present; Methodology to be used in carrying out the project; Pilot exchanges will be based on ECVET-units, written in cooperation with the hosting organizations that will also be responsible for the organization of the practical components of the programs. The Dutch principle of regional learning expand over the national borders. Cooperation between Entrepreneurs, Government, Research organizations, Educational institutions and the Regional communities will ensure that work placements will take place in international companies where students can work on authentic scenario’s within the European region. The learning outcomes of teachers and young entrepreneurs will strengthen the methodology of regional learning. Results A 15% growth in participants English language courses 6 ECVET-units EQAVET proof Impact LUNA will provide each participant from our consortium with the opportunity to carry out an international activity, thus enhancing their chances at the European labor market. The LUNA-activities will provide the participants with competences that are useful in their professional careers and in personal life. Long term benefits The partners will develop into international knowledge centers where international knowledge sharing is a top priority. These internationally oriented schools will be more attractive for young students and will be able to bind the students to the school, thus reducing the number drop outs. At the same time talented students will be challenged to develop themselves to international experts in their fields of study.
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