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Ludus. Comunicación oral en una clase bien dinamizada.
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

ContextSecondary school of about 500 students from 12 to 18 years old, where there are about 40 teachers. The town has got 38,900 inhabitants whose main economy is based on agriculture and small business. Good academic results have been obtained in external testing, above the regional average.Goalsa. To reflect on teaching practices in the classroom.b. Greatly improve these teaching practices, leaving out those who do not actively contribute to the process of teaching and learning, but are kept as a routine. Incorporate general concepts about new trends and activities that can benefit the class.c. Promote a change in the concept of a class. Making this change as extensive as possible in various fields.d. Set as a priority the process of learning based on speaking techniques. Establish a program covering the six years of compulsory secondary education.e. Strengthen the habit of debating as part of the curriculum, understanding that the debate is a way of learning to talk, to respect others, to reason, to criticize, to organize information and a lot of mental and emotional skills.F. Expand the international character of our center setting up a base for further collaboration with foreign students, either in exchanges or via e-twinning.g. Incorporate into the curriculum of the student issues, which despite being essential, have no place in the current curriculum, such as social, political, moral reflection, etc.Number and profile of the participantsThe project involves 15 teachers, although at the beginning of the project some others might join in. They are experienced teachers and they have shown a concern about the practice of teaching and the results obtained. Those who participate in mobilities have proven a B1 level in English.Activities1. Creation of a training seminar which is open to the whole group of teachers at the school. Some actions regarding the incorporation of some speaking activities in the classroom will be decided. The teachers will adapt them to their subject.2. Within this seminar, regular meetings to study and comment on renewing educational proposals will be planned together (watching and commenting on videos posted on the Internet). These meetings will be used to evaluate the progress of the project and to incorporate changes if it is necessary.3. Six colleagues will attend the following courses. a. Analysis of the Finnish education system, looking for the keys to success. [FINISH] b. Educational upgrade based on multiple intelligence. [MAL] c. Pedagogical upgrade based on the model of effective schools (Effective Schools). [GRE] d. Use of new technologies applied to all subjects. [CH] e. Analysis of the British educational system, aiming at the implementation of the debate. [UK] F. Enhancing oral communication in the classroom. [ITA]4. Two participants will visit centers in the UK to see how the discussion is incorporated in the general curriculum.( Job Shadowing)5. A document summarizing all the activities will be issued and evaluated to make proposals for the future. The findings will be reflected in future programs of the center.MethodologyA group of coordinators (three teachers) will lead the project. Every two weeks, the group will assess the progress and propose the general meetings. This group will write the final document.Teachers will share their experiences on how they are doing in class implementing the proposals and we will carry out them so that everyone can have satisfactory results. The experiences published on the Internet will be analyzed as well as the possibility to adapt them into our reality.The teachers taking part in the mobilities will be chosen according to the criteria set out in this form. At the end of the mobility, participants will present their findings to the general group.The evaluation of each activity and the entire project will be done following the mechanisms discussed.New practices for the following years will be suggested to the head master.Results and impactThe expected results can be summarized in acquiring best practices for our work in the classroom and training skills for our students in speaking. By the end of the project, the students will be able to communicate orally and participate in an academic debate successfully. Thus, the impact affects not only the teachers but also the students. We hope that learning in general can be benefited with the renovation suggested.Long-term benefitsTeachers: greater job satisfaction; reduction of conflicts; more successful results.Student: more complete general learning; ease of oral expression; better oral and written comprehension.The center tends to become a training center for teachers who might come in later years.
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