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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project “Folk craft – a chance for everyone” is focused on two goals from the five goals for the EU: - employment, - fighting poverty and social exclusion. The project pays attention to: - people with low or basic qualification, - people who lost their jobs, - older people and seniors, - disabled people. Our aim is to take care of them in the form of teaching them the selected folk crafts, so that they will be able to perform them. With this purpose the project partnership of six partners from five EU countries /Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia/ and Serbia has been created. The partners are organisations and institutions which are long-term devoted to work with citizens who form the target groups of the project. The main aims of the project are: - mastering the folk crafts and gaining craftsmen skills by the low qualified people and people who lost their jobs at such level that they can re-qualify and be included in the work process again, - gaining self-confidence and good mood among seniors and disabled people, - increasing professional education of managers and occupational therapists in the social services homes, - looking for craftsmen – volunteers for teaching folk crafts, - cooperation with social workers of labour offices in finding interested people and in introducing the re-qualified people into the work process, - promotion of folk crafts among the general public by organising festivals of folk crafts. The project will last for two years and for all the project activities participants from the employees /internal as well as external/ and low qualified, unemployed, seniors and disabled people will be provided by every project partner, so that they fulfil all the requirements and parameters for a successful course of activities of the project and managing all the set goals. The total number of project participants is 140. Project activities which will be implemented in the course of two years of the duration of the project are divided as follows: - local activities, - educational-training activities, - activities connected with multinational project meetings. For arranging and control of fulfilment of project activities the work plan of activities and events has been prepared. The fulfilment of the plan will be continuously monitored /minimum once per 8 weeks/. Within the project 6 international meetings will take place /in every participating country one meeting/ and 6 educational-training activities. During the project and after its completion we expect the following results: - ability to presents own work by low qualified and unemployed people at festivals of folk crafts and the following self-realisation, - new activities for increasing self-confidence and comfort of seniors and disabled people, - the possibility of using activities for support of development and rebuilding of the identity of seniors, - creation of an internet communication tool for teachers and learners for exchange of opinions and experience. In case of successful mastering of all activities of the project and fulfilment of all basic goals we expect also fulfilment of impact on all participating people and participating organisations: - creating the space for re-qualification of low qualified people and people who lost their jobs, - finding interest in folk crafts and this way to improve the psychic state of seniors and disabled people, - improving the methodology of teaching folk crafts in participating organisations. We expect the impact of the project also on the local, regional, national and international level. Within the place of activity of project partners in the close region the local community of inhabitants will be informed about the needs of learners. We expect creating networks of associated organisations. At the local and international level, we expect the use of results of the project by institutions and associations which are active in the area of care for minority groups. In organising of international festivals of folk crafts we expect significant promotion of folk crafts for general public. The long-term benefits of the project “Folk craft – a chance for everyone” are mainly in the areas of employment of low qualified people and people who lost their jobs and in care of psychics of seniors and disabled people. International festivals, together with suitable promotion of folk crafts as well as emphasising the variety or similarity of folk crafts in several countries of the unified Europe are the key for our project.
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