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Low Tech, High Activity
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Low Tech, High Activity is a project for young people aged 13-17 years of age both male and female. It will be an mostly outdoor high activity week with a concentration on low technology use. Our project "Low Tech. High Activity" was all about creating opportunities for the young people involved in our organisation. As a group with fewer oppourtunities we saw Erasmus+ as a perfect way to open up to new cultures and ways of life to them. This project consisted of developing a transnational programme that creates a space for the young people involved to explore their identity, issues that are important to them and their role as global citizens. The design of the programme allows the young people in both countries to share and exchange experiences and views, think about issues from different perspectives and develop a sense of who they are.At a time in modern society where you are not "complete" without a social media account, an electrical hand held devise or some connection to the world wide web. This project is a perfect opportunity to explore life (if only for 5 days at a time) with limited connections digitally to the outside world. Young people across Europe are united by somewhat sedimentary lifestyles and this project would challenge that by exploring High Psychical activity and low tech connectivity. we will be encouraging the young people from both countries to explore this theme through a weeks full activity programme. While coming together over a common universal problem barriers will come down and similarities will prevail. Fundamental goals for Erasmus+ such as improving key competences and skills and this will be core to this project. Skills such as leadership, task completion, challenging attitudes, problem solving and making connections will be a vital part of this project. The project will be based in activity centers in both Ireland and Italy where activities such as Kayaking, Archery, Rock Climbing, sports and orienteering are included. Involve Youth Project Meath is a youth project with over 10 years of experience in Youth Work. Our group of young people like most young people today rely heavily on social media and technology, this project offers them the chance to put down their phones. tablets and laptops and engage with each other on a more traditional level. This project will offer the opportunity to build leadership skills, speaking skills and rediscovery of what it means to be a young person in Europe in 2016. A Youthpass certificate will be achieved during this project. We will have 15 young people and 5 Youth workers from Ireland and 15 young people and 5 staff from Italy. The Young people and some of the staff from Ireland are members of the Irish Travelling Community and the Young people from Italy are at risk early school leavers so both groups have fewer opportunities and obstacles in their way. This is also something they explore together and ask the question " What does it mean to be a young person with fewer opportunities in Europe in 2016?".The Exchange will happen in Ireland in June 2016 and in Italy in August in Ireland.This Project will be delivered using various youth work methodologies such as workshops, role-play, Graphic harvesting, Youthpass activities, physical activities and games. This exchange will be a first for both the staff and young people of Involve Meath but we are sure it will not be our last. We are delighted and thankful for all the support given to us from our partners in La Fenice Aps in Italy and we have gained great knowledge already from their previous success with their own Erasmus+ projects. We hope Erasmus + will become part of our annual Strategic plan. We envisage that our young people will become more concision of their place in Europe and will want to experience other cultures. We foresee that the participants of this project will think about their Technology usage and over usage and will seek out physical activities on a regular basis thus increasing their long-term Health benefits.
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