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Low Carbon Integrated Manufacturing Parks (LOCIMAP)

The project team anticipates substantial advantage through migration towards highly integrated manufacturing on industry parks. Key features include:1) Profile matching of energy, by-products, waste streams (etc) across multiple manufacturing operations2) High performance energy supply utilisation & recovery systems, maximising efficiency by operating in conjunction with local community energy needs3) Dynamic systems management at optimal, overall, site/community settings4) Optimal and highly integrated connections into upstream and downstream supply chains with minimum cost for logistics and fuel5) Understanding of implications for communities & regional/national policy to achieve benefitsThe need is for synergistic operation of large & small manufacturing units on and around fully integrated industry parks. Such an approach offers tremendous potential for holistic energy saving through profile matching and integration. Moreover, we believe that many of the underpinning technologies required for implementation are well established - but, that progress has so far been hindered by insufficient focus and coordination of industrial activity (which has been aligned with traditional industry sectors). Innovation, using these technologies to achieve a routing to practical developments and outcomes will allow substantial cost savings to improve EU competitiveness as well as reduce resource use, emissions & waste

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