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Loved Green World
Start date: Jun 9, 2016, End date: Dec 8, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The purpose of this project is LOVED GREEN WORLD sensitize and educate people and especially the youth of the whole environment around us and how the human being mistreated without knowing to what extent it affects us. Therefore we want to show everything our environment provides us who know what we have and how we can help our planet to improve and preserve it with some interest and small gestures.Therefore the objectives of the project are:1.-To know the peculiarities of Ceuta in diversity and representation in Natura 2000.2. Raise awareness and understand the impact of human actions on the natural environment.3. Know entrepreneurial ideas through recycling.4. Promote social values ​​such as tolerance and respect among different cultures.5. Enhance social and cultural relations.6. Know the culture and traditions of the partner countries.7. Remove respects stereotypical thoughts to some cultures.8. Educate beneficial habits for the environment and better consumption.9. Know the fauna and flora both terrestrial and marine analyze threats and how to protect them.10. Develop creativity and culture through the rule of the 3 Rs: recycle, reduce and reuse.11. To promote care for our environment both participants and the rest of the population.For the development of this project we will have the invitation from 5 countries: Bulgaria, Italy, Czech Republic, Latvia and Spain where they will attend five participants and a leader between 18 and 25 years, where respect the fairness, many of these youth are less opportunities since they are geographically disadvantaged.During the project has always opted for a very active and dynamic methodology therefore we imply the full involvement of all participants have included workshops for it abroad, creativity development workshops, workshops very active.The environment will be the centerpiece but across other goals such as tolerance, respect, knowledge of new cultures, social inclusion, eliminating stereotypes work ...After execution we expect both our city and the participants themselves have sparked an interest and above have raised awareness about the importance of our environment since it deteriorate or not depends only on the habits that humans but especially with the long-term aim of giving value of our environment because our environment without our life would not be possible.
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