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Lost not forgotten
Start date: Feb 1, 2012,

Municipality of Lieto is hosting two EVS volunteers for about for months and send one EVS volunteer abroad. In Lieto youth unit, culture unit, sport unit and employment unit. We are planning to offer voluntary service/work for a person in employment unit with unemployed youngsters in recycling center. And for 1 person in Youth+Culture units in youth club and with some cultural project.Lieto needs one EVS volunteer to organize a culture project, so it is important that the volunteer are capable to plan and create own project. Ideally the volunteers should have an interest and skills relating to arts, culture and environmental issues. We would like to be able to work with a co-operative and reliable sending organization. Kisällikellari workshop is a constant provider of workplaces for youngsters with special needs. Our staff is trained and experienced to guide these youngsters individually. A vast majority of our youngsters have had some educational, economic and social difficulties. We have a policy to talk things through as soon as possible, if any kind of problems appear. Lieto attend to send a youngster with fewer opportunities from our workshop Kisällikellari who is unemployed and motivated to find the direction of life through EVS. The duration of the EVS would be a six month period that our partner in Portugal offers in the field of child- and youth care. An organisations in Hungary and Portugal are sending a volunteer to us in Lieto.
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