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Start date: Sep 20, 2016, End date: May 19, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Informal Youth Group, “SHARP MINDS”, inside the frame of the European Program “Erasmus+”, organizes a Mobility Program of Youth Workers – Programme Countries” KA1, in Athens, Greece during the period 22-29 of March, 2016 (7 days), under the title “Lost myself on Internet”It’s a multilateral action in which will take part organizations form the following countries, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic, FYROM, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria and Turkey. Every team will participate with 5 participants between the ages 18 – 45 (sum of participants 55 persons)The main purpose of this program is the sensitization of the participants against the modern phenomenon of mental disorder of Internet Addiction, the supply of specialized knowledge, the development of “know how” and special tracing, acknowledge, psychological approach and confronting techniques against this phenomenon. The value crisis that characterizes our modern and developed society, leads young people to false behaviors, guiding them to social isolation and self-exclusion, to depress, to dangerous behaviors with uncontrolled consequences, mental disorders and many – many more hazardous paths. Since this phenomenon of our times gets bigger and bigger, putting in risk our own children, we take it as our obligation to proceed to the implementation of such program which is going to supply the participants with the proper “weapons” that they will help them to gain an active role inside working areas, inside their society, inside their own family. We strongly believe, that only through knowledge and continuous update and sensitization of people, can overcome those “diseases” of our modern world. Only through knowledge and our return to the classical humanistic values, we can re-define the course of our children, giving them a better future, a life with ideals and assumptions. All the program activities are specially designed to serve in the highest level, the desired result of this program. They are based in methods of formal and mostly non formal education. All the activities have the supervision and guidance of special scientists, which are awarded in their work space, with huge experience, either professional either educational, especially in the field of Life Long Learning and Adult Education. We will use techniques such as role playing games, simulation games, questionnaires, team building activities, presentations, videos by the use of modern technology. The program will be implemented exclusively in English, having already as precondition the advanced knowledge of English language, in written and oral level. Finally, we must emphasize the contribution of “Smile of the Child” to our program, which continues to actively support us, through successive and multilevel cooperation. Their contributions, either with special staff either with facilities, are priceless and for us is the strong prove that our work gives an additional value to the thing that E.U. calls “Active Citizenship”. Their contribution will also be in the diffusion of the program results, via their internet television and radio.
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