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Lost in…

lost in… is an interactive language learning computer game for players who understand German or English and want to learn Czech, Danish, Dutch or Polish. It is suitable for beginners, for those with little previous knowledge of the language, as well as for more advanced learners. The player is entrusted with a secret mission: to hand over a case and its extremely valuable contents to a local contact person. But criminal elements are at large and the valuables fall into the wrong hands. The player, alone, in a country whose language he does not speak and in an unknown location, must recover the goods. He has to make contact with people, listen and understand, ask and provide information, in Dutch (Polish, Danish, and Czech)! Gradually his knowledge of the language increases as he collects evidence which brings him ever closer to his goal. As he searches, on foot, by bus, by taxi, the trail leads him to a hotel, a supermarket a private house, leading to an unexpected conclusion…

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