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Lost Connection?
Start date: May 1, 2012,

Rising life expectancy and lowing birth rates makes changes the balance between older and younger people. Older people live longer and society hasn't got enough time and money to take care of them all. Lost Connection? -project will tackle the theme of Active Ageing from various perspectives to help and interact older peolpe in their every day life. Project tries reduce the generation gap. Project's name Lost Connection? asks if younger people have lost the connection with older people and is there something to do about it. The participants will have the opportunity to compare and contrast the various active ageing and intergenerational solidarity activities which they will visit and also work with. Apart from the visits the participants will also be carrying out team building activities through games and situational sessions and other non-formal methods of education. The programme idea emerged from informal discussion in Youth Exchange in Malta autumn 2011. The programme was also designed between the two partners and therefore all participants are involved in this project from planning stage down the evaluation. The objective Lost Connection? is to give the participants time to reflect on the various elements of active ageing and also food for thought to come up with future projects.Lost Connection? is a project which brings together 23 young people from Finland and Malta. The main venue of this nine (9) day youth exchange is Konnevesi, Finland.
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