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Los jóvenes unidos por una Europa Verde
Start date: May 30, 2016, End date: Oct 29, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Pursuing previous bilateral and trilateral youth exchanges financed by european programs since 2008, the project “The union of the youths for a green Europe” will take place in Calasparra on the 16th of July 2016.This trilateral project will link together Spanish (Calasparra), German (Donzdorf) and French (Riorges) youths and will allow, among others, to increase their the level of competence. This will be achieved by means of both formal and informal learning processes and throughout workshops and the continuous coexistence with young people from different cultures. During 9 days, 45 young people of both genders (15 German, 15 French and 15 Spanish) with ages that range between 13 and 17 years old will gather to work around a double axis: the European citizenship and the encouragement of the active participation in the protection of the environment.With the project “The union of the youths for a green Europe”, the youths will be able to develop their creativity and their personal competencies. They will be supported by qualified staff that will emphasize the importance of their active participation in our society and, more specifically, in the care of the ecosystem and the sustainable development. In addition to the experienced instructors that will accompany the youths in all the activities, the Naturalist Associations of the SouthEast (ANSE) will collaborate in this project. ANSE, which is a prestigious NGO with long experience in these topics, has already participated in youthness projects for the program Erasmus+.During these days, the youths will conduct several workshops, such as a photographic exhibition about the natural landscapes of greatest ecological value in all three municipalities. This will followed by a debate were the young people will compare landscapes and elaborate proposals to protect them. On the other hand, the staff of ANSE will expose the environmental politics of the European Union and will introduce the philosophical principles behind the projects LIFE+. They will focus on those projects affecting to our closer environment such as the projects LIFE+ Ripisilvanatura and LIFE + Riverlink. Additionally there will be a fieldwork, through which the active participation of young people in environmental volunteering will be encouraged. Finally, we will perform a workshop whose main target will be to encourage the youths (in mixed groups) to reflect and provide ideas for economical activities that can contribute to the environmental protection, the sustainable development and the fight against climate change.Together with these workshops, there will be moments of coexistence, leisure time, practice of nautical activities and excursions to visit other places of the county and the region like Caravaca de la Cruz and la Manga del Mar Menor.The accommodation will be provided by families of Calasparra. This will add value to the project, since it is during these moments of cohabitation with the families when the cultural differences and habits can be better appreciated. This will also be an opportunity to enjoy an intense exposition to a foreign language.Concerning the methodology, it is going to be the young people themselves who will, through direct and systematic observation: experiment, discover and realize their conclusions about how they can be active citizens in protecting the environment (as well on a personal level as within an association). Regarding the specific objectives of this project, the participants will benefit from the values and competencies that this kind of meeting provides: respect towards other cultures, linguistic competencies in their own as well as in foreign languages, technological knowledge about the preparation of expositions and the divulgation of the meeting, etc.The main beneficiaries are going to be the young participants of the project, but the impact of the project is going to reach their families, the partners of the participating organisations and the municipalities in general. The instructors will encourage the participation of the youths throughout all the phases of the project to maximize the involvement and the permanence of the impact. On the other hand, there will be an important effort in the diffusion of the project, from the early stages until its ending, to ensure that it will reach as many people as possible. The information will be distributed through social networks, the official websites of the participating local governments, the local and regional press, the websites of the European Union, etc. There is no doubt that the development of this project will bring long-term benefits to the young participants by increasing their level of abilities and competences. In this way, it will contribute to their personal development, encourage their active participation in the society and improve their future employability.
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