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Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is aimed to 18 middle-level vocational training students of health family (Nursing, Pharmacy and Emergency), allowing them to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired in the institute. It will satisfy the need to get in the European labour market, as well as integrate their knowledge with work life, developing competences in tune with the labour market needs, in a personal, psychological, cultural, social and linguistic level. The CIFP Lorca is located in a rural area, so the possibility of an internship abroad is an incomparable opportunity to many students who lack of economic and cultural resources. Students will be able to carry out their training in foreign institutes under the same conditions, regardless of their economic, social or cultural condition. Students who receive training in these cycles come from Secondary School, although it is a heterogeneous population that includes recently graduated and adults, looking for a job or a qualification they are required in order to maintain their job. The objectives are focused on: - Reinforce the appeal of the education system in Vocational Training. - Develop skills, knowledge and professional competences that satisfy the requirements of the labour market. - Develop common European tools to promote transparency and recognition of professional qualifications. The mobilities will take place coinciding with the set dates for the training module in workplace (FCT): from October to December for the Nursing cycle, and from April to June for the cycles of Emergency and Pharmacy. The FCT will last six weeks for these three cycles. We consider that it is long enough to see the differences and similarities between the different jobs. During the first two weeks, it will be a first contact with the country, the company and the tasks that each of them is going to develop. In the next two weeks, students, under their tutor’s supervision, should acquire some independence in the performance of their specific tasks. And, in the last two weeks, it could be interesting for the students to use the knowledge acquired in more complex tasks. To finish the process, it could be appropriate to do a final evaluation of all they have learnt during the training period. The process will be monitored by an agreed document with the person in charge in the company of destination. This person will be his person of reference in the company, who will keep in touch with the students in a daily basis, so he must know the students’ phone number as well as their email addresses. Another way to monitor the students is to provide them a Moodle space, in which they could demonstrate their progress through online activities, besides expressing his questions or concerns. Alternatively, the email will be used to communicate with officials of the FCT in their country of origin. To sum up, the project will enable: - Students in initial vocational training (middle-level) to carry out their training in a European country. Taking into account that the CIFP Lorca is located in a rural area, and that students are being diminished in their chances of employment, it is an outstanding opportunity for them. - CIFP Lorca to keep on being a regional centre of reference in terms of participation in programmes, since it will obtain a cooperation with European centres and European companies. It will result improved working and teaching methods, besides offering new opportunities to students in such an important field for the Región de Murcia as health is. - CIFP Lorca students to obtain both the EUROPASS Diploma Supplement and Mobility Certificate. It will enrich their curricula vitae through the recognition of their qualification and skills, and will also increase the possibilities of insertion in the labour market. - CIFP Lorca, that is currently using the Región de Murcia Moodle platform (, to develop Leonardo Project contents and practices by the application of ICT.

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