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Looking for a universal language by means of performing arts
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In times of Twitter and Facebook communication changes fundamentally. Communication has lost its function of personal exchange and real interaction, it is rather a way of individual expression. It is the objective of this project to find a universal language based on original forms of a communication and to overcome linguistic borders. Using social media gives us an identity, but an identity fixed by the number of friends and not fixed by the quality of friendship and dictated by clicking on some names and collecting those clicks . For most of the people it is enough to have as many clicks as possible, but not really to be connected to someone. In this labyrinth of connectivities "discontigous" acting tries to explore and exhume the archetypes and rules of a communication based on exchange and empathy essential to achieve oneself totally with a certain sensitivity. Following the European Commission's educational acts the project promotes performing as one of the key competences for lifelong learning in a modern knowledge-based society. It thus adds to the students' basic life skills development and will be useful in personal, social and professional aspects of future life. Dramatic language as language in general has a symbolic function; it is a common area of understanding between oneself and others, in which everybody can express a common poetic fund: it is an abstract dimension made of space, light, color, sounds which we discover in ourselves. All these elements are part of our personality related to our experience and our feelings, arising from all we watched, listened to, touched and tasted. All this in our body is the common fund from which will emerge kicks, verve and creative desires. Through this project we try to reach this poetic fund in order not to remain in the life as it appears and as it seems to be. Our body and our senses as a source of impressions and emotions are a way to find a common language , the essential caracteristic is beyond the linguistic diversities to redefine the communication as an approach towards each other for a common achievement. Dramatic performances offer to young people the opportunity to develop competences that will promote communication. They favor social emancipation and a better acceptance of social and cultural differences. They help young people to find their place in a society which is sometimes very hostile. To give students a good opportunity to access this project we start working with basic technics used in drama. So they get an insight into the steps of creating an artistic performance. "Learning by doing" is the keyword. They need to cooperate and communicate closely as the final presentation will be a common work of all the students.
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