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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Student exchange project between German students and students of the institutions involved presented as a consortium. The partners are:* Salvador Allende Vocational Training School from Fuenlabrada. As coordinator of the Association. Brings experience from 2013 in European programs and its coordinator since 2011 in the exchange project with Mercedes Benz.* Humanejos Vocational Training School from Parla. Sending partner. Its coordinator is a member of COMFORP direct collaborator of Mercedes Benz Spain.* Alarnes Vocational Training School from Getafe. Sending partner. Experience in European programs Erasmus Charter.* Torres de Herberos Vocational Training School from Sevilla. Its coordinator is a member of COMFORP, made several exchanges of students with Humanejos from Parla several years.* The COMFORP Foundation. Foundation recognized expertise in the development of Vocational Training. Collaborator of Mercedes Benz. Skills competitions organizer for the automotive area.The host partner is DAIMLER (Mercedes Benz Germany), and Mercedes Benz Spain as well.The exchange consists of approximately three months lasting FCT module (training practice):1) The first 3/4 weeks students from our schools begin their practices in a workshop of Mercedes Benz Spain.2) The next month or so, German students from DAIMLER will be incorporated into these workshops with our students. German students will live in the homes of students who have been assigned. The accommodation, food and transportation will be given by the host family.3) Finally, pairs of students, German and Spanish, travel together to Germany to a plant of Daimler (Mercedes Benz) where they made the rest of their practices. Likewise, the Spanish students will live in the homes of German students. Accommodation, meals and transportation will be given by the host family.In the case of students in basic vocational training (FCT only lasts 4 weeks), exchange is:1) First German students are incorporated in the workshops of Mercedes Spain. Same time of step 2) of the students of before. Only in this case it will be the incorporation of Spanish students a week before they go to Germany. So that students of FPB are just a week in Spain Mercedes.2) Then, pairs of students travel together to Germany Daimler plant where they made the rest of their practices.The accommodation, food and transportation will be given by the host family in the country concerned (as in the case of courses).PROFILE: the profiles required by Daimler / Mercedes are: Electronics, Electrical, Electromechanical and body.Intermediate cycles of vocational training and basic vocational training.OBJETIVES are:-Internationalization Teaching. Development of language, cultural, technical and professional skills.-Increase of knowlegde of technical and professional labor market, increased quality of teaching knowledge.-Development of communication channels between training institutions, education and business.-Increase Employability.-Increase the motivation of students, teachers and educational community.NEEDS are:Further develop the opening of the Institute regarding the new European initiatives and professional skills;Need for new ways of motivating teachers to practice teaching skills;Increase employment opportunities for students to meet the current and future economic situation;Exchange needs of educational, professional and personal experiences;Increased motivation of the educational community in terms of personal and professional standpoint. OUTCOMES and IMPACT:Consolidate the introduction of partner institutes in the field of European programs and promoting internationalization of training teaching quality thereof;Knowledge of professional techniques (Electrical / Electronic / Electromechanical / Body) of DAIMLER, and generally German techniques;Knowledge of the business culture of DAIMLER AG in Germany and in Spain;Increased overall technical and professional skills;Increased knowledge of the German language and culture;Real increase employment opportunities;Increased motivation of all students and in general of all the educational community;Personal enrichment of the educational community especially involved.As LONG TERM BENEFITS indicate the actual connection between training and company in our organizations will increase the quality of our teaching-learning process and increase real employment opportunities of our students.
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