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"Look and Listen"
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context: Europe faces a ‘lost generation’ who may never work as joblessness soars to record levels in the eurozone. New figures show that, for the first time since the single currency was created in 1999, the EU unemployment rate hit 12 percent. The grim milestone reveals a generational disaster in the making in near-bankrupt southern European nations. Across the eurozone, 19 million are out of work. For the EU as a whole, the figure is 26.3million. Such unacceptably high levels of unemployment are a tragedy for Europe and a signal of how serious a crisis some eurozone countries are now in.’ Youth unemployment remains the EU’s biggest employment-related headache, and shows no signs of abating. Program activities: The common denominator for this project is Youth Unemployment. There will be two program activities each lasting three months. In each program there will be 25 participants from five countries. Program activity one will be about music creating five songs and program activity two will be about cinematography creating a documentary. Both program activities will reflect a common theme namely: unemployent of young adults Objectives: Based on the belief that Music and Cinematography are powerful media, able to transmit messages, change minds and attitudes, it is intended to provide participants with the possibility to use music and cinematography as an instrument to communicate the severity of youth unemployment seen from five different angles as well as foster multiculturalism; as a tool to change people’s awareness of unemployment and other cultures and promote intercultural dialogue. The main aim of this exchange is to promote the reflection on youth unemployment and multiculturalism in society. Providing its participants with technical and theoretical knowledge on cinematography on one side and music on the other side, allowing them to use it as a media to communicate and campaign for a better understanding of youth unemployment created by youth as well as multiculturalism, this project will prepare them to act as multiplier agents concerning this theme. Participants will become more sensitive towards how it feels to be unemployed and share multiculturalism, as well as its role and importance in a plural world and inclusive society. Number and profile of participants: There will be 25 participants from five countries in each program activity. The participants are all with fewer opportunities and most of them are unemployed which means they understand the psychological effects of how it feels to be unemployed and can express this feeling through the means of music and cinematography creating a documentary about unemployment and its devastating impact on the risks of a lost generation. Methodology to be used: The theme of the project is "Youth Unemployment". Its methodology is based on non-formal education that consists of methods such as exchanges, games, presentations, workshops and group work aimed at breaking cultural barriers. The objective of the project is to increase the knowledge of young people of their self-awareness and self-determination in spite of the unemployment problem - how they can influence themselves and other people through active participation in the decisions and involvement of the participants plays an important role during the workshops. The project will have 2 learning moments: the 1st will be focused on exploring the concept of multiculturalism and youth unemployment as a generic problem The 2nd moment will be mainly practical, experimenting approaches to multiculturalism through photography. Experimential learning activities will be present throughout the training The learning method will be focused on 2 approaches: 1)“Learning by doing”: allow participants to get knowledge from their own experiences and practical exercises; 2)“Learning from their peers”: participants share experiences and images, discuss ideas, methods and outcomes. Impact and expected results: The main national, regional and European added value of the project is given by partnership itself, that gather together public and private institutions and young people coming from different backgrounds, expertise and stimulate creativity, entrepreneurship and horizontal skills. During the project, participants will have viral and real activities based on five themes of unemployment not only for the purpose of drawing more attention from the participating countries of the project but also reassuring other EU countries and co-operating organizations in order to share the results in the form of a thematic documentary and music exposition about youth unemployment produced by the participants and spreading the message across all European countries. The longterm effects we envisage to be lasting as youth unemployment is a long term strategy for the EU and needs to be addressed in a variety of ways. The unemployed themselves can postively influence the outcome of their future lives.
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