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Start date: Sep 1, 2009,

Modern people produce more and more waste with their lifestyle, what presents serious treat to our planet. One of the most important solution is separating different kinds of rubbish in order to recycle and use them again, which is the main goal of project 'Loci me!' ('Separate me!') organized by youth initiative group EKOskupina (ECOgroup) which consist of 13 Slovenian pupils and students of different science faculties. Our work takes place mostly in Ajdovšcina and surroundings in Vipava valley, lasting 8 months - from September 2009 till May 2010.The main purpose of this environmental project will be put into practice by making eco-stands in supermarkets , where the separation of waste will be promoted by investigating people and giving them advices. Recycling will laso be emphasized by distributing eco T-shirts, cloth bags and chemist among people. A group will visit a local rubbish dump to recognize the way of recycling rubbish. The main products of that project are booklets full of practical suggestions in form of comic strips. Actors will create a comedy on the main topic of the project. Moreover special workshops will be made for the disabled children and adults with mentally problems. At the end a cleanning action will be organized to put into practise all suggestions by having fun.
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